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Pranayama/Breathing Techniques Workshop

Saturday,May 14, 2022 • 9-11am • Online via Zoom Meeting

Cost: $35 ($30 for Veda Yoga Therapy Members)


We carry with us a powerful tool. One that can not only relieve stress, improve sleep but also balance our body, mind & spirit. Our Breath! Our nervous system is our body's  command center. Originating from our brain it controls our movements, thoughts, and automatic responses to the world around you.  Our breath is the only autonomic system that we have control over. When we learn to regulate our breath we can move from the "fight & flight" sympathetic system to the "rest & digest" parasympathetic system and bring in the "relaxation response" to our nervous system. 

When we activate the relaxation response we not only feel calmer, breath easier we also activate our "feel good" hormones and reduce the cortosol and other negative hormones caused by stress to our bodies.

Pranayama - Prana= life force    Yama= control

In this workshop we will begin with finding our own breath pattern. From there, we will journey to various techniques that we will do together.  You will learn simple yet very effective breathing techniques that you can incorporate into your day to day to reduce stress, improve sleep and create a sense of well-being into your body, mind and spirit. This class is for anyone who has an open, curious mind willing to create positive changes in your life.

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Hello, I am Lisa owner of Veda Yoga Therapy.

Having lived the benefits of yoga pranayama both
in my own life and the lives of many clients;
I am excited to share this ancient knowledge with you.
Feel free to contact me with questions!


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