"...one of the best and gentle diet/detoxes that I have done."

Lisa, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for recommending the Panchakarma diet/detox for me to balance out my kapha, and to reset my diet and my life. This has been one of the best and gentle diet/detoxes that I have done. The practices of tongue scraping, neti pot, dry brushing and abhyanga each day helped me start my days out feeling very clear, calm and nurtured. I also really benefitted from the pranayama techniques and the mudra. I really enjoyed the food, the spices and did not feel hungry but actually felt calm and balanced from the food. The whole week was gentle, easy and each day I felt better inside and out. This was also a very reflective time for me, and I limited my time on social media and other distractions and just focused on me. I am continuing to do the morning practices as well as the pranayama techniques, meditation and mudra. Thanks again for helping me get back in balance, I was so off track, and now I feel really good again physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

- Deana


"Lisa helped bring me back into health and balance."

Lisa is simply the best. She listened to me and provided me with expert guidance and support. I have seen her for iRest and massage therapy, as well as an Ayurvedic Health Assessment where she came up with a plan for me to bring me back into health and balance. Whatever your needs are, spiritually, emotionally or physically-- Lisa is there to help!

- Kate


"iRest...helped me get in touch with deep feelings and emotions."

I have been doing yoga for a while now and had been interested in learning how to meditate. After talking with lisa, I decided to take a 5 week iRest Yoga Nidra course she was offering. I enjoyed learning about this form of meditation and really enjoyed the practice. Lisa has a very soothing voice and is able to explain how and what Yoga Nidra is. I also did a one on one with her and found it helped me to get in touch with some deep feelings and emotions.  I would recommend lisa and iRest Yoga Nidra to anyone looking to learn an accessible, easy and very enjoyable meditation practice.

- Scott


"I walked away from the class energized!"

The Reiki class offered by Veda Yoga Therapy was incredible!  Lisa and Kristine were excellent and thorough teachers.  They were able to answer all of our questions and I walked away from the class energized! I also left with everything that I needed to feel confident about doing Reiki myself.  I highly recommend this class as these gals are tremendous instructors!

- Stephanie


"Reiki Level One training opened my eyes to new energies & new ways of seeing the world."

Lisa is a gifted and loving teacher and practitioner. She is completely committed to improving the world around her and being a positive influence on people she meets. Her Reiki Level 1 training opened my eyes to new energies and new ways of seeing the world and she created a welcoming and comfortable environment for the whole class.  I would highly recommend seeing Lisa for a class, yoga therapy, or a Reiki session. She truly has a warm presence and a gift for meeting people where they are.

- Kris