Detoxing and clearing your body of unwanted toxins, is a great way to to start a healing process. Detox is an amazing tool to bring optimum health to your body, mind and environment. If you are feeling fatigue, have body aches, creaking joints, headaches, bloating, constipation or PMS-- these are some of the indicators telling you its time to clear the body of toxins.


I have been helping myself and others acheive their health goals through detoxing for many years. Depending on your bodies needs, I will customize a detox program with you. I supply all of the products, recipes and guide you through the initial process. We will meet in the begining for an hour to determine what cleanse will work the best for you. Then, depending upon the length of the cleanse, we will have phone consultations throughout the cleanse. We will meet for an hour again at the end of the cleanse to talk about the tools that will support your new healthy eating lifstyle openinging your body, mind and spirit to a life of wellness and joy.

Detox Programs


Our first meeting will

last about one hour.

Prior to our first meeting, I will send you the initial forms to find out where you you are at present day and where you would like to ideally be in the future in relation to your health and happiness. 

After I receive your forms, I will come up with an initial plan
that we will go over in detail
in our first meeting. 

We will talk about how to plan for your detox, when to start, how to start and discuss any obstacles you might have and how to overcome those hurdles so that you can be successful.


On day two of your

cleanse we will set up

a 15 minute phone conversation to discuss how the detox is going. 



At the end of your detox  we will meet for an hour.

At this time we will go over the detox and talk about next steps, meal planning, recipes and
food preparation and
how to incorporate the

health you have just created

into your daily life. 

This package is $190

(+ cost for any products).


Moving forward, if you would like to schedule follow up visits with me  a one hour session is $90.


What to Expect: Your Personalized Detox Program

All Detox Services are also offered via Skype or FaceTime.