Begin Your Transformation Today

Has the time come for you to really make changes in your life to live the life that maybe you've only dreamed of? You might have tried to join the local gym or yoga studio. You may have tried many of the popular diets that claim to be the coverall solution for everyone. You maybe even have tried therapy or inpatient treatment for any number of ailments (drug or alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders...the list can go on an on). Maybe some of these things worked for awhile? 

Are you tired of searching for answers outside of yourself,

coming up with piecemeal solutions, or often a bandage, for your issues?

You might have put your toe on the path and attempted to change your life...

but your true grace will be found by slowly integrating these truly easy & simple practices into your daily life.

This mini course will set you on the path to...

  • Have a new understanding of yourself

  • Have a healthy relationship with food and your body

  • The ability to deal with whatever life brings to you

  • Learn a nurturing way of eating designed specifically for your unique nature

  • Have a daily yoga & meditation practice

  • Be able to handle any type of situation your life throws at you, with GRACE: Growth, Resilience, Action, Courage, & Ease

This mini course will give you a sampling of the tools that are in our larger 12-week fully supported program. It includes yoga practices designed to bring your body and mind back into balance, and overview of Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga), and iRest Yoga Nidra practices (guided meditation).  Sign up below and receive access to your course! 

Pay What You Can...(Normally $89!)