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How Yoga Therapy is different from a yoga class

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Between June and August 2019, in conjunction with the first Global Yoga Therapy Day, Yoga for Better Health (then YogaMate) conducted a global survey of yoga professionals and practitioners to better understand who was practicing yoga, for what reasons and how safe they were being kept in their practice.

The survey also looked at the education of yoga professionals and their self-reported confidence in working with individuals who presented with health challenges.

The survey found:

  • 49% of respondents choose to practice yoga specifically to address a health challenge; and

  • 69% of respondents had a current injury or health concern; yet

  • Only 33% of the 1,061 yoga professionals surveyed felt confident in their ability to safely teach yoga to individuals with common injuries or health concerns

Notably, 52.3% of people practicing yoga reported neither their teacher nor studio pre-screened them for relevant health concerns, increasing their risk for further injury.

The white paper paints a clear picture of the importance of working with trained yoga therapist; particularly when there is an underlying medical condition.

This white paper was a collaboration:

Ann Marie Johnston

Kelly Coutier -

Lisa Fecarotta -

Safer In Your Yoga Practice Project
Download PDF • 6.65MB

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