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Self Care for Women as we Age

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Self Care for aging women is so much more than a good face cream. Women are natural caregivers at the expense of their own self care. Women also tend to feel guilty for taking care of themselves; which is why it's so important to do self care each day. Women are busy at all stages of their lives but self care isn't about adding to your already long to do list, rather beginning a simple meditation having easy healthy food recipes and an accessible yoga practice can add so much energy, health and joy to life. Self Care isn't an ADD ON to ones life; rather; its small simple changes that feel so good that you ADD them INTO your life.

Here are some self care "snacks" you can use to begin Your Self Care now.

  1. Take a moment and notice your breath. Without changing anything, notice where your breath is in your body. Is in in your neck?Upper chest? Is your breath shallow? Is fast paced? These are indicators for what is going on in your body. All of these types of breath indicate that you have some level of stress in your body/mind.

  2. Now exhale your natural way but focus on gently pulling your belly button in toward your spine, very gently. Breathe in, again exhale and gently pull in your belly, breathe in. Do this breath 4 to 5 times and then come into your natural breath. Notice now where your breath is. Is it now lower into your belly area? Notice if your shoulders have dropped.

  3. Now that you are in tune with YOUR breath, you can also bring in the "relaxation response" to your nervous system. In your natural breath, breathe in and count how many numbers you have on your inhale. Whatever that number is, exhale to double that number. Continue to breathe in a natural breath and exhale slowly and gently. Notice how your body now feels. This simple breath exercise will calm you in any situation.

  4. Another "self care snack" to use during the day is to stand up, if at all possible without shoes or socks, feel the entire bottom surface of your feet. Gently, (you can hold on to a wall if you need to) without lifting your feet off the ground put your weight into your left foot and gently put your weight into your right foot. Slowly, move your weight left then right a few times bringing all your attention to your feet. Now stop and stand feeling the bottoms of your feet. If you like you can move your weight forward and backward, keeping feet on the ground. Again, come to standing and feel the bottoms of your feet. Feel the earth energy come up the bottoms of your feet, using your imagination. Notice how grounded and strong you feel. If you can do this outside it will feel even better.

  5. Eating mindfully can bring you into the present moment and you will enjoy each taste, texture and smell so much more. To eat mindfully you will need to turn off all your devices, phone, tv, computer, book anything that is distracting. Find a comfortable place to sit and with your plate of food on your table, open all of your senses before even taking your first bite. Notice how the food smells, look at the colors, the textures. Take your time and take your first bite. Chew slowly, allowing your taste buds to experience the food. Put your fork down between bites and enjoy your surroundings. Notice how you feel, peaceful? grounded? content?

  6. Mindfulness is something you can incorporate into all your activities, try it here and there and after a little time you will feel the positive effects of living each moment fully and it will become second nature to you. A wonderful way to give yourself love.

As you can see, there are many easy ways to find health and happiness using yoga therapy tools.

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