Yoga Therapy for Stress Transformation Program

Our world needs yoga now more than ever.

Although I am not a “news” junkie, I still am in touch with our current state of events. We are all faced with stress about our  earth, other countries, gun control, the rising health crisis; along with our own daily efforts to deal with the stress of our jobs, family needs and personal issues. So, you may ask, “Why Yoga?” and “What can yoga do to help these seemingly insurmountable stressors?”


Yoga is so much more than a “hot yoga” class or even the ability to be flexible. Yoga is chocked full of many tools or “practices”. The tools of Yoga are well researched and effective in giving the practitioner mental balance, optimum physical health and a pathway to find your own spiritual connection.

The acronym I love is G.R.A.C.E; growth, resilience, action, courage and ease of being. Each of us needs to fully live in and with GRACE if we are going to have the wherewithal to be the people we need to be to support, understand and make the changes that our future needs right now. 

I believe this in my Heart of Hearts and because of that I want to offer scholarships to people who believe Yoga can help them create the future they see themselves living. 


Yoga Therapy for Stress Transformation Program is a culmination of over 30 years of personal practice and study with amazing teachers from around the world. Below you can get an idea of what this program looks like. Along with these modules, there is one on one support throughout the program. We work together to insure your understanding and comfort during your transformation.

Module One: Developing your Growth & Resilience


Getting started, how is stress showing up for you?

What are you eating and why?


The power of Intention creating Sacred Space. Ayurveda 101 and iRest Yoga Nidra, daily meditation and asana practices


Easing into Your Journey. What is your Dosha, Ayurvedic Nutrition,

Your cupboard. Breath work practices, Yoga Nidra and Asana.


Building Resilience. Prepping for a 3 day Ayurvedic cleanse,

video on how to make the cleaning foods, breath work, yoga nidra

and asana all of which support you in your cleanse.

Module Two: Developing Your Action & Courage



Putting the Practices into Action.  What is Grace. Gratitude - what are

you grateful for? Your After cleanse plan, safe personal care products,

creating a home retreat. Dosha balancing foods designed for you.

Breathing techniques - the next steps.

iRest Yoga Nidra - Imagery, Asana for digestion.



Digging Deep. Feelings, emotions and core beliefs the iRest

Yoga Nidra tools to discover, uncover and work with these.

Breath work the next level, Asana for stress reduction.



Changing Your Perception. Using images to define specific emotions

and beliefs and then determine how they have created your perception.

It is only through truly knowing what we feel and believe that we can create the perception (our reality) of what we want our lives to be.



Taking it off the Mat! Creating your personal practice, how to live each moment from the place of joy, equanimity and well being no matter what life throws at you. Introduction to Mudras, iRest Yoga Nidra - exploring your true nature of joy.

Module 3: Developing Your Ease of Being


Energy. Your personal power & energy. Two powerful practices

that give you the experience of taking back your personal power and

how to utilize your energy. Learning the “Evening Review” to clear out anything that isn't serving you from the day. Asana, pranayama, iRest Yoga Nidra all designed to support this weeks topic.



Ceremony: what is ceremony and why is it important to incorporate into your life. A powerful “Fire Ceremony” practice. Mudra, pranayama, asana and Yoga Nidra to support this week's experience.



Being Present: What does “being present mean?” and how can we

live in the present moment all the time! Mudra, pranayama, asana

and Yoga Nidra to support this week's experience.



Where to Go from Here: Now YOU are on the path. You have the tools

and can use them to support you in your life. iRest Yoga Nidra -

Self love and Joy. A direct experience of YOU!



Research documents to support these practices, Book recommendations

to continue learning, food blogs and recipes to support your NEW self.

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