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Food & Health Coaching

Healing your relationship with food

Food and Health are inseparable, I can't think of any other examples in life that are more closely linked. Think about it, is there a day since you were born that you have not thought about food? Health is not too far behind, especially as we age. Our health is the key to living a satisfying, happy, enjoyable and extraordinary life. Food is what we are, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Perhaps because of this our relationship with food can become difficult to understand. Food becomes the complicated part of our life; instead of the source of life and joy. 

In my teens, my relationship with food became unbalanced. Having depression and anxiety I used food to try to control the uncontrollable feelings and emotions that I was experiencing in my life. I became anorexic and also over exercised. When I felt my body all I could feel was anxiety and depression and when I looked in a mirror all I could see was a person who was fat.

I had an idea that I was out of balance but it was when a good friend of mine said “your body looks like a small child” I was in my 30’s. It was then that I began to address depression and anxiety and began to heal my relationship with food. I can't express enough how strongly I feel about the healing effects that good food has on our body, mind and spirit.


My story is not uncommon, and there are so many  types and degrees of food imbalance in our world and so many reasons for it. However; food does not have to be complicated, cooking doesn't have to be complicated, hard, time consuming or expensive.  As a food and health coach, I am dedicated to help women who are willing to look at their relationship with food. 


Healthy Breakfast

Together we can find solutions to fill that void

and learn to cook and eat healthy fun food.

Cherry Tomato Salad

Hourly rate is $100

Depending upon your food and health goals you may want to continue our work together. We can dive deeper into your areas of interest as they relate with food. Perhaps, you are interested in how to create your own meal plans, or have a deeper understanding around what specific foods are best for you and your changing needs. One example would be around menopausal symptoms, you may want to create meals that support your body during times when you are experiencing the imbalance symptoms but then go back to your day to day healthy whole food meal plans. 


You may be using  food to fill an empty feeling inside. Together we can find solutions to fill that void and learn to cook and eat healthy fun food.


You are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, alternating between constipation and diarrhea. Food plays an important role in colon health.


You are experiencing arthritis, cracking joints, joint pain, muscle spasms, fatigue, sleeplessness.

Food affects all aspects of our bodies.   


You may want to find a balanced meal plan that will support health weight loss. 

Food can balance your metabolism.


As I mentioned in the beginning Food is simple, it is given to us by our mother earth and has life giving magic.  Come and explore this magic with me. 


I look forward to meeting you soon.



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