Yoga Therapy Services

In yoga therapy, the approach is multi-dimensional.  I will partner with you to uncover your unique, essential nature so I can support you as you come into balance and return to a state of pure health.


Yoga as therapy is a great way to address imbalances in our body, mind and spirit. If you are completely new to yoga this is a great way to create good habits in the yoga practice. If you have specific body issues, pain along with limited range of motion, difficulty handling  the stresses of your life or recovering from surgery a specialized yoga practice can address those needs. 

Your initial session would be 90 minutes. In this session, we will determine your needs and goals. We would also do a yoga practice together at that time.


This session is $130. Additional hour sessions are $90.

Individual practice recorded to Mp3 is $85.

* All yoga therapy services can be offered through Skype or FaceTime.