iRest Yoga Nidra

iRest Yoga Nidra meditation is an accessible form of  meditation for everyone. I have taught iRest to children as well as adults. iRest is a mindfulness meditation where we learn to meet, greet and be with whatever arises in our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We become able to slow our thoughts down and be present in “this” moment and in doing so you are able to bring in a deep sense of peace and calm even when your life is crazy.


Many people feel they don’t have the time and they feel they must quiet their thoughts. When you learn and practice iRest YN, you learn how to use the tools every moment of your life. I teach iRest YN as a facilitated meditation both to individuals and groups. I have a 5 weeks series that dives deep into the working and practice of iRest Yoga Nidra.


Dyads or one on one iRest is also a form of mindfulness meditation, however in a dyad you are facilitating your meditation with my guidance. This is a very dynamic approach to finding your “True” deeper joyful  self. Often while feeling into your body in meditation you experience and discover your beliefs, which may be creating unwanted repetitive feeling and emotions. You may discover and experience true joy and in doing so bring this back into your day to day.

People who practice iRest Yoga Nidra report:


  • Reduces depression, fear and anxiety

  • Reduces insomnia and levels of stress

  • Reduces chronic pain and acute pain

  • Greater ability to relax and enjoy life.

  • Improved interpersonal relations

  • Increased inner peace and well-being


60 minute session $90